The Ultimate Guide On How To Prevent Malware From your Computer

Do you have any idea on how to ensure that your computer is always safe from malware? Well, if not, here is the right place for you, computer malware tends to affect the normal performance of your computer such that it will behave in a very unusual way and becomes slow in the normal operations, there are a number of ways in which you can ensure that your computer is always safe and they are as follows;

  • Install malware/Anti-Virus software

For you to ensure that your computer is always safe, the first thing to have is anti-virus this is to ensure that you are always warned of a potential malware, more so, through this, your computer will always function effectively and efficiently at all times.

  • Always ensure that your anti-virus software is up to date

freakinmalwareAs explained above, it is very important to have anti-virus/malware software; also it is equally important to maintain the same software by ensuring that it is always up to date by ensuring that you update your software regularly.

Ensure that you’re using proper software as well, some antimalare software is better than others, and doing a bit of research on the best titles is a great way to ensure that you’re getting the best bang for your buck.  Here is a good Spyhunter 4 review that is a great example of the type of research you should do.

  • Secure your network

In this case, you have to adjust you’re the security of your browser this is to ensure that unnecessary intrusions are prevented, more so, for you to ensure that your browser security settings are always finely tuned is through using an operating system that is always current.

  • Conduct regular system scans using your anti-virus software

Having malware software is not everything; in that case, you have to ensure that you run scans in regular intervals so as to identify potential malware in the system by using the anti-virus software.

  • File sharing

This is another common source of malware/virus in computers, in this case, you have to ensure that whatever you are downloading from any site or sharing from another device is clean and free from malware is scanned first before loading it into your computer. It is also common on email attachments, first you have to ensure that the attachment is not corrupt before opening.

  • Avoid using open Wi-Fi

In most cases we find open Wi-Fi in airports, coffee shops and even libraries, there can be malicious individuals who can do anything to your computer, basically, your data and files might be corrupted and at the end of it all your computer is also infected with malware/virus.


In conclusion there are also a number of things that you should always put in your mind as far as malware is concerned, as the technology advances, it also advance, in that case, you have to be always updated on the current issues to do with computer threats, more so, you have to ensure that you have strong passwords that cannot be easily be hacked into. Backing up your files and data is always very important, this is very essential especially if you are storing important files that you may need in the future.

Malware security is all about being responsible in anything that you do on your computer, it is through the above mentioned points that you will be able to ensure that your computer is always free from malware threats.

Government Surveillance Is Just Beginning

The idea of government surveillance getting more and more prevalent in our society has been on our minds for a long time.  The Edward Snowden incident however seemed to be the tipping point for the public awareness of just how much things have been changing and how fast they’ve been changing.

Here’s a great TED talk on the issue that I highly recommend you watch.


Types Of Malware To Avoid

android-malwareThe most typical things that people identify for malicious software programs are adware and spyware. While these could be more typically known, there is one more simply a vicious. Introducing an additional “ware” program which is a big culprit of PC viruses by hackers, the malware.

Exactly what is malware?

The name will go from the mixture of “malicious” as well as “software”. So how exactly does malware obtain its name? It really gets it since it focuses more on intent instead of the software itself. A program can’t just thought of malicious on its own until it is used for those reasons. As a lot of people know, software’s purpose is based on the person who made it.

There are 3 types of malware people that connect to the Internet have to be worried about and also watching out for. They include:

1. Infectious – This type of malware mainly worms and virus in it. These are the more popular known malware. Once the word virus is employed today in age, most people think right away computer instead of a physiological virus. Worms and virus will vary in how they run and spread.

– How does a virus get distributed? Usually by using a floppy drives disks. The virus usually replicate and get attach to an executable file and will operate whenever the disk is opened or the program is activated.

– When was this kind of worm introduced? This PC malware was at first seen as the Internet was initially used. The malware scans a lot of networks for those unprotected, vulnerable systems and then it will simply copy itself to them. From there, it begins the process over again, except it makes use of the new network.

Although the two are clear in nature, they are always used to clear describe one or the other in order to explain malware.

2. Concealers – This malware is made to “conceal” itself from the person using it. There are normally two concealers used. They include:

– Trojan Horse – Trojan horses today have various looks. It can be disguised as a computer utility and even “encourage” a person to use it to enhance computer systems. As the person downloads this program, it will makes way for different malware as well as software to be installed on the PC.

Viruses creators use the Trojan horse to help cause a widespread of virus. As soon as a computer has a Trojan horse, it subsequent spread the virus to numerous networks too.
– Backdoors – It’s used to make another way to reach your computer system. Normally used by hackers, it assists them to stay clear of security systems that individual have installed on their computer system. Hackers can as a result “hijack” a PC to carry out what they desire.

3. Profit Malware – Certain companies make use of malware to enhance their profit margins. They do this in the form of a dialer. A dialer is the form of malware which will mess with your PC’s Internet speed connection by simply rerouting your existing line via a more expensive phone line that then raises the bill you would not have paid normally.